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Welcome to Lulu Supplies – a lively medium-sized manufacturing hub since 1995! Started by Mrs. Lulu Letswele, a retired teacher turned entrepreneur with a passion for crafting top-notch uniforms and linen.

From Bushbuckridge to Nelspruit, we’ve grown big, supplying most of Mpumalanga’s hospitals! Join us on our journey of dedication, innovation, and cozy threads for a comfier future in healthcare

Our Customers

Our Main Service

1. Hotel linen
2. Hospital linen and Apparel
3. Corporate uniform
4. Embroidery/Printing
5. Golf shirts/T-Shirts
6. Logo’s/Branding
8. Protective Clothing/Equipment

Our Facilities

Top-notch facilities for limitless creativity and productivity. Unleash your potential! 

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44 Bester Street

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Elevate Your Style, Boost Your Brand!

Welcome to LULU Suppliers – Your Dream Team for Fabulousness!

From luxurious hotel linen to heroic hospital apparel and fierce corporate uniforms, we’ve got it all!

Embroidery that wows, printing that rocks, and trendy shirts that turn heads!

Claim your spot now and let’s make magic together!

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Industry Garment Manufacturing

To become the trusted provider of creative and quality
products, utilizing competitive pricing structures.

• Quality of service at low cost
• Commitment to quality and detail – a great reputation
• Hiring and retaining professional excellence
• Focused attention to clients’ needs
• Innovation and continuous improvement
• All equipment is serviced timely – i.e. in-house
• Locality of services

“we are committed to providing top of the line institutional healthcare, uniform and protective
clothing at very competitive prices. You will be pleased with our selection, prices, and service, not to mention our friendly customer service and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.”

Lulu Letswele

Founder and CEO

of 5


1860 Reviews


1630 Reviews


2100 Reviews

Our Iconic Services

LULU Suppliers, where enchantment meets innovation! Elevate your business with our iconic B2B services, including hotel and hospital linen, corporate uniforms, embroidery, golf shirts, branding, and protective gear. Step into a world of success.


Healthcare Textiles

“Crafting excellence in hospital linen, apparel, and healthcare textiles.”


Corporate Uniform

“Elevating your brand with stylish corporate uniforms.”


Embroidery & Printing

“Transforming logos with mesmerizing embroidery and printing.”


Golf shirts & T-Shirts

“Sporty elegance with our premium golf shirts and t-shirts.”


Logo’s & Branding

“Unleash your brand’s magic with our stunning logo embroidery and branding.”


Protective Clothing & Equipment

“Stay safe and stylish with our protective clothing and equipment.”

Why People Trust Us

At Lulu Suppliers, trust is our cornerstone. We have earned the unwavering confidence of our clients through years of dedication, exceptional quality, and reliable service. Our commitment to delivering excellence in every product, coupled with our passion for customer satisfaction, ensures that each interaction with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

Unrivaled Quality

We meticulously craft each product, ensuring it exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

Diverse Range

Our extensive and diverse product range sets us apart. From hotel linen to golf shirts and more, we cater to every client's unique needs

Customer-Centric Approach

Customers are our top priority, We actively listen to their needs.

Innovation and Creativity

Embracing innovation and creativity, we continuously strive to offer cutting-edge solutions.

What People Say About Us

“Rave reviews for Lulu Suppliers: Customers love our top-notch products and outstanding service!  Discover why they can’t get enough of us!”

Ethan Shaw

“Wow, I’m absolutely thrilled with my experience at Lulu Suppliers! From start to finish, they exceeded all my expectations. The quality of the corporate uniforms they provided for my team is outstanding, and the embroidery work on our logo is simply stunning! I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you, Lulu Suppliers, for elevating our brand and making us stand out in the best way possible! “

""Absolutely delighted with Lulu Suppliers! The hospital linen and apparel they provided for our medical team are top-notch. Not only is the quality exceptional, but the designs make us feel like superheroes!"
David Musi
“"A game-changer! Their stylish corporate uniforms elevated our brand's image and boosted team morale. The embroidery work on our logo is impeccable, making it stand out in the crowd. From start to finish, their service was flawless. ”
Liam Bower
“Their hospital linen and apparel are of the highest quality, their exceptional customer service made the entire experience enjoyable. We'll definitely be returning for more. Trustworthy and fantastic – that's Lulu Suppliers!"”

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